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Apply Now for Armstrong Grant for Ceramics Education

Deadline:  April 1st, 2015 is the deadline to apply for the NMPCA Armstrong Grant.  This provides money for a non-profit organization to enhance, offer or develop a ceramic arts education program.  See details, read about past grant recipients, and get the application form here and on The Slip Trail.

Upcoming events

    • 14 Mar 2015
    • (MDT)
    • 15 Jul 2015 (MDT)
    • Application online, workshop at Ghost Ranch, Abiquiu New Mexico
    Student Scholarship to attend the NMPCA Ghost Ranch Workshop

    Apply by July 15, 2015.  Click "Register" at left and complete the scholarship application form.

    Workshop is September 11 to 13, 2015. We will notify recipient by July 25, 2015.

    We are proud to offer, a scholarship for one participant at our annual Ghost Ranch workshop.  The workshop presenter this year is renowned sculptor Debra Fritts.  Here is more information about the workshop.

    This scholarship is intended to assist a clay artist who is unable, for financial reasons, to attend the workshop, but who would benefit from the program.  Preference will be given to students. 

    The person chosen to receive this scholarship should plan to be able to attend the entire workshop, from Friday, September 11 at 1:00 pm to Sunday, September 13 at 3:00 pm.  The scholarship will include full registration and room and board accommodations at the Ranch.  If transportation is needed within New Mexico, members who are attending the workshop from various locations around the state can provide a ride.

    Apply through this website through July 15, 2015 by filling in this event registration.  A committee of the NMPCA board will review all applications and select the recipient and two alternates.  Notification of the committee's selection will be sent by July 25. 

    If you have any questions, please call Judy Nelson-Moore, (505)466-3070 or send an email to jnm@nmpotters.org. 
    • 11 Apr 2015
    • 11:00 AM - 4:00 PM (MDT)
    • New Mexico Clay, 3300 Girard Blvd NE, Albuquerque, NM 87107

    Go for Gold Saturday April 11th at New Mexico Clay during their annual spring sale! See if your skills as a potter or clay artist have got what it takes to compete with the best hand builders and wheel throwers in the great state of New Mexico. Win prizes and catch a great deal on discounted clay supplies too. The more events you compete in, the better chance in receiving the grand prize!

    11am Tallest Pyramid - Produce the highest pinnacle using slabs of clay in a triangular fashion.

    12pm Team Cylinder Challenge - Tallest Cylinder on potter’s wheel takes the cake. Each team member shall only use one hand simultaneously to create the towering cylinders.

    1pm Team Coil Competition - Pair up for the coil hand building madness! The tallest structure build by two team members brings home the bacon. 

    2pm Widest Bowl… No Hands… - The bowl with widest diameter on potter’s wheel will be the champ.  Only catch is… no hands… better clip your toe nails for this one.

    3pm Tiniest Teaset- Teapot, teacup, and saucer. Smallest set wins.

    3:30 Bowl Race- Make 5 bowls as fast as possible, carry board of 5 bowls outside and throw bowls as far as possible.  

    clay olympics

    First place winners- 20$ NM Clay gift card and +3 points
    Second place-10$ NM Clay gift card, and +2 points
    Third place-5$ NM Clay gift card, and +1 point
    Grand Prize-Competitor with most points wins grand prize of 50$ gift card and one free year of NMPCA membership! 

    • 15 May 2015
    • 12:00 PM (MDT)
    • 17 May 2015
    • 4:00 PM (MDT)
    • Ghost Ranch, Abiquiu, New Mexico
    • 2
    Ghost Ranch V-Camp
    2013 V-Camp group

    We have room for only one more (must be a male) in the complimentary Staff House Rooms, but more can be accommodated in the campsite. 

    Welcome to another year of V-camp at Ghost Ranch.  V-camp is for Volunteer camp.  It is Friday afternoon through Sunday afternoon, May 15-17, 2015.  Members of the NMPCA are invited to the ranch and given complementary room and board in exchange for work done to maintain Pot Hollow. 

    Pot Hollow is where the Ranch's ceramic facility is located. We usually do three to four hours of work on Friday afternoon, all day on Saturday and again on Sunday until around 4PM.  During this time we will do some sort of firing which will be announced enough ahead of time for participants to make pieces and bring them along to be included. 

    V-Camp is a great time for members to get to know one another and to have an exchange of ideas while working to maintain a wonderful facility. The mission statement of the NMPCA is to promote education in the ceramic arts, and by maintaining this site we are contributing to the well being of this magical educational facility, making sure it is kept in good working condition for all future workshops and seminars.

    This year we will be working on the plan for a sculpture trail, installing the hood over the trolley kiln, begin writing a manual for maintenance for all the equipment.  I would also like to start writing a history of Pot Hollow and so if any of you have stories you would like to contribute, I would be happy to receive them.  It might be best to email your contributions to me at becampbell33@gmail.com.

    There will be plenty of cleaning and organizing to do as well.  We will figure out some sort of a firing to spice things up a bit.  Tomas Wolff has agreed to do a session like the one he did last year: Story Telling in Clay, that will be a draw for people on the ranch on Saturday afternoon.

    Space is limited so sign up early.

    If you have questions or if you don't want to register here, call Barbara Campbell, the event coordinator, at (575) 581-4430 or email becampbell33@gmail.com

    You will be contacted about special items to bring, but in general work gloves, work clothes, dust masks for cleanup and sturdy shoes, rakes, shovel, pick-ax, trowel. 

    Saturday, May 16th is the Ghost Ranch Bluegrass Festival concert, which adds greatly to the fun.  (Bring a small contribution to the concert.)

    • 14 Aug 2015
    • (MDT)
    • 19 Sep 2015 (MDT)
    • Fuller Lodge Art Center, Los Alamos, NM
    • 60

    Conversations in Clay

    Celebration of Clay 2015

    August 14 - September 19, 2015

     As a member of New Mexico Potters & Clay Artists, you are invited to participate in our annual exhibit.  This show is our opportunity to share exciting new ceramic works created by members.

    Entry due July 14.

    Supported by and exhibited at Fuller Lodge Art Center (FLAC), Los Alamos, New Mexico.  www.fullerlodgeartcenter.com  

    If you are not currently a member of NMPCA, join now before you register for this show.

    This years show has a multi-dimensional theme, Conversations in Clay, encouraging members to participate in different ways, including working with another artist, NMPCA or non member:

    •  Individual pottery or ceramic art pieces can be submitted with a one-sentence “conversation starter” description. 
    • Another option is collaboration between two artists as one piece created together or two pieces comprising one conversation.   
    • Each member enters as the primary artist:  individual or collaborator; and can be a secondary collaborator on an entry with another member.

    Topics are endless…
    Mutual admiration, embracing, competition, debate, Yin-Yang, color hue, elements of a story, large and small, thin and wide, black and white, young and old, whatever type of paired expression comes to mind.

    See more about show details the theme and ideas for conversations on The Slip Trail online newsletter or see and print the Call for Entries


    Entry due (with optional publicity photos)

    July 14

    Send digital image for Peoples Choice Vote

    August 8

    Deliver work to central collection point

    August 5-8

    Deliver work to Fuller Lodge and setup exhibit

    August 11

    Opening Reception

    Friday, August 14, 5-7pm

    Show at Fuller Lodge Art Center

    August 14 – September 19

    Take down exhibit

    September 21        

    Pick up entries in Los Alamos

    Pick up entries at NMPCA sites in Santa Fe /ABQ

    September 19-24

    September 22-25


    All members of New Mexico Potters & Clay Artists are eligible. New members are welcome and can join at www.nmpotters.org.   

     ENTRIES   . 

    Submit your entry on-line at www.nmpotters.org on the event registration page. Entry Fee is $10 per conversation.  Payment can be done online or by check payable to NMPCA at NMPCA c/o Cricket Appel, 5708 Stillbrooke NW, Albuquerque  NM  87120


    Fuller Lodge Art Center accepts items for sale, as well as NFS.  The artist receives 65%: Art Center 35%.  Sales tax is added to the purchase price and handled by the Art Center.   


    Include a one-page bio/artist statement with contact information and business cards with your piece 


    For inclusion in the People’s Choice vote, send a 600 px high digital image by August 8 to COC@nmpotters.org.    


    Artists are invited to conduct public demonstrations of ceramic techniques in the Fuller Lodge ceramic studio.  Contact Gloria Gilmore-House (505-661-0470) if interested in participating. 


    At Fuller Lodge Art Center, the insurance valuation of a deposited object is 65% of the sales price, up to a maximum of $1000 per piece.  The Artist must provide any additional insurance.  Sales prices must be in writing on the Artwork Label and signed by the artist.  Artists exhibiting work agree to hold the Art Center, its staff and volunteers harmless from any costs or claims arising out of any damages or losses to artworks.


    Publicity photos, with higher resolution, are needed when available and no later than July 14.
    • The Art Center and NMPCA may photograph for documentation or publication any object submitted, but will not grant such rights to others without written approval from the participant.


    Wall-hung pieces can be no larger than 30” nor heavier than 50 lbs, with a 1/4” or larger hanging device(s) for use on a Walker system (walkerdisplay.com). Free-standing pieces can be no deeper or wider than 18”. 


    In order to make this exhibit a success we need your help. Please volunteer for one of the following:

    • Volunteer Coordinator
    • Coordinate distribution of publicity for the exhibit
    • Transport artwork from collection points* to Fuller Lodge Art Center in Los Alamos
    • Check-in of artwork at the gallery
    • Exhibit installation at the gallery
    • Dismantle show & transport unsold artwork from Fuller Lodge to collection points*

    *This year we will have two collection points:

    • Albuquerque:  Business Printing Service
                             Leonard Baca
                             4316 Silver Ave. SE
                             Albuquerque, NM 87108


    • Santa Fe:        Luisa Baldinger
      880 B Chicoma Vista

      Santa Fe, NM 87507


    • 11 Sep 2015
    • 12:00 PM (MDT)
    • 13 Sep 2015
    • 3:00 PM (MDT)
    • Ghost Ranch, Abiquiu, New Mexico, USA
    • 33


    NMPCA 2015 Ghost Ranch workshop

    Register now until July 31 for this event taking place September 11-13, 2015.

    Being at Ghost Ranch, we are surrounded by so much natural beauty.  Let’s allow the landscape to inform us with interesting forms and textures.  Through sketching and observing, many possibilities and ideas will allow new approaches to tell our story in figurative sculpture.   Demos and discussions will include technical information on facial features, hand building techniques, and a painterly way to treat the surface.

    Read all about the program on this website page and then return here to register.

    Accommodations at Ghost Ranch range from camping to a variety of rooms with private or shared bath. Meals are served in the central dining room.  Workshop events take place in the covered outdoor ceramic art studio called “Pot Hollow.”

    Please understand that if your plans change after registration, there will be limited refunds if you cancel after August 11, 2015. See our refund policy.

    Here's a pdf of the event announcement if you prefer to register by mail or want to mail to friends. 

The Slip Trail

Our newsletter, The Slip Trail, has been a feature of the NMPCA for longer than almost any single member remembers!  Keeping up with modern communication methods has meant a change in The Slip Trail format from the old paper mailed format, through the emailed pdf format, and now at online Blog...available all the time and updated as information becomes available. 

See The Slip Trail here.

Ghost Ranch Workshop:  Gallimaufry 2014

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